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Regarded as one of the three major figures at the end of the Age of Wizards that were the only true masters of the high Edomic tongue. Just like Eldrin, Zokar pursued his ambition to engineer the perfect race. Later, he allied himself with the other notable wizards of the era, taking on Arastus, Orruck and Maldor as apprentices.

Zokar created three known races. One of these races was the giants, who were able to grow from tiny dwarfs to massive giants when the sun went down. Another race was manglers, creatures with blade-like fingers and armored shells. The third was the displacers, who could remove any piece of their body and reattach it without pain, blood or death through a displacement field. However, Zokar didn't want his enemies using his displacers to their advantage, so he planned their eventual extinction by reducing the likelihood of female displacers being born over time.

Zokar also had an obsession with torivors, beyonders he brought over from a mysterious world, claiming he had created them. This obsession led him to control them and attempt to create his own torivors. These were known as Zokar's Abominations. He had created three of them, and later attempted to destroy them all, although he failed in doing so. The first abomination was called the Visitor. It had large amounts of power for invading dreams. The second abomination was called the Wanderer. It was able to shapeshift. The third abomination was called the Maumet. It was able to become any material it touched. Zokar eventually destroyed the Visitor, and imprisoned the Maumet, but in an attempt to destroy the Wanderer, it escaped into the wilderness and was never seen again.

In the battle between Zokar and Eldrin, Zokar first sent his forces south to eliminate his second adversary, Certius, in the hope of stopping any possible alliance between his two enemies. However, the odds of the two working together were slim. He succeeded in the endeavor, but lost many troops in the attempt. This was known as Zokar's Folly, as the ordeal gave Eldrin time to prepare for their upcoming battle.

Zokar eventually died in a wizard's duel with Eldrin, and the throne passed to Maldor after a brief period of peace.

It should be noted that somewhere along the timeline, Zokar turned his apprentice Orruck into a monster and imprisoned him in the Drowned City.